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Complete Brake System Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance. Removal and Replacement of all brake system components.

Advanced Computer Diagnostics


Performance Exhaust           Project: Jeep 4.0

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13624 ​Route 56 Hwy E

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​Master Level Transmission Services:


Transmission Services Include:

Filter Replacement, Flushing of Transmission Cooling System, Complete Rebuilds, Diagnostics, and


Featured Projects and Services:

Custom Exhaust and Repair --- Brakes --- Advanced Computer Diagnostics --- Tires --- Transmission Rebuilding, Service and Repair --- Clear, Black, Metallic, Color, Spray-In Bedliners --- Engine Rebuilds --- Timing Belt Replacement--- Computer Reflashing and Key Reprogramming


Brake System Servicing and Repair

Autotech Transmission             and Repairs

Call Us at (814) 446-5322

Autotech Transmission             and Repairs

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Autotech offers Advanced Computer Diagnostics with capabilities once thought to be "Dealer Only"  services like Key Reprogramming and ECU Reflashing, and More. 

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